Bamboo FAQ

Why Do We Say "Bamboo" Clothing? Aren't your clothes bamboo?

Yes and no. Most bamboo companies in the US will sell their clothes labeled as "bamboo" which isn't entirely true.

We like to be up-front with our customers and want you to know the facts. Our clothes, just like any other kids clothing, are made out of viscose/rayon from bamboo, not pure bamboo.

That said, officially we cannot say that it's made of "bamboo" as it's a viscose from bamboo. Viscose does NOT have the same feature as pure bamboo linen. 

Is Bamboo Organic?

Bamboo can be grown naturally and beneficially (unless it’s a specific bamboo field that disrupts the ecosystem) without the use of any pesticides. Bamboo plant can absolutely be organic, eco and sustainable.

But, viscose/rayon from bamboo is NOT organic, because the production of the material requires chemicals. It's NOT a natural textile at all, as it cannot be.

This is exactly why some companies can tell you that their bamboo fabric is not chemically treated (bamboo viscose is not chemically treated for flammability as it cannot be, so it must be tight fitting according to US regulations), but in order to make the viscose you need to go through a chemical process. 

While our fabric poses Oeko-Tex Standard certificate to guarantee that it's safe for infants, this certificate actually excludes anything that's used in the production of the material. We are open about that fact.

Is Bamboo Viscose Still Good for Your Baby Then?

Yes, absolutely! Otherwise, why would we sell it? :-)

Viscose from bamboo is soft, breathable, thermoregulating so your bub will be kept cooler in the heat, and warmer in the cold. It will also minimize the itching if your child has eczema.

However, unlike it's often wrongly advertised - viscose/rayon from bamboo (unlike bamboo linen which is a natural fabric and doesn't loose all the features of bamboo plant -> we're currently working on bringing linen collection to you guys) does NOT possess any antibacterial, anti-fungal or UV protection features.

The last one is particularly important as we noticed many parents don't use extra shade on their babies thinking that viscose from bamboo protects from UV rays, but sadly it does not. Please protect your bub from the sun.