About Us

The Laughing Bub is a family-owned business and created by Anna Karsten. The store came to life during the pandemic when travel industry came down and I basically lost my business' income overnight. The goal of the store was and still is, to provide parents with smart quality products for the most affordable price possible.

Even though I studied fashion marketing for one of my diplomas I never had the courage to start my own fashion brand. Instead, I was working in promoting women's fashion and trends through my websites and social channels which I've been doing as a full-time job.

When my first son was born in Poland we lived in Italy I had no issues finding cute clothes for him in different styles - whether cute, edgy, preppy or elegant. But, as soon we moved back to the US I realized that the local market is seriously lacking clothes for boys.

As I started getting into the "bamboo clothing world", as my son has eczema and I have psoriasis so we both love it, I realized how frustrating it is to shop for bamboo when most shops cater to just girls. Even gender-neutral prints have ruffles and when boy prints show up they're mostly stereotypical with cars, trucks or dinosaurs.

After months of importing clothes from Europe or de-ruffling clothes for my boys I said enough, and decided to expand the Laughing Bub to "bamboo" and organic cotton clothes with boys and gender-neutral prints with or without ruffles, and move our toys over to Etsy entirely.

I started working on designs and marketing aspects as soon as we got back to the US from Mexico, where my second son was born (yes, I know, we lead a bit of a crazy life having children in different places around the world). I spent hours arranging things with the factories, testing designs, re-doing the website and even designing some patterns after midnight when my husband, toddler and baby went to bed. I guess we should do a night owl print? ;-)

Hope you and your bubs love it!


- Anna


We use all the products we sell. We’d never sell you something we personally wouldn’t use and find fun.